Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cynicism Hooray.

Cynicism Hooray is what my husband just said I should rename my blog because I'm in a dark space tonight. Tough re-entry made tougher by the fact that none of the video of the holiday concert shows my freaking daughter! I get that each parent filmed their own kid, but my kid happened to be way on the bottom right-hand corner and basically cut out of all the video I've seen and it's turning me all nuttato. I'm suddenly a crazy mother, screaming into the wind, "What about my child? Does no one film her?" And of course particularly blaming my husband because if not him, then who? To which he countered - "You brought the camera - our camera - our only camera - to take photos of you and Big Man Tesh..." Or something like that. I may have embellished. And he may be right. But that doesn't dim my sense of self-righteousness and indignant fury! Okay, that's out.

What I want to write about tomorrow is the overused refrain, "Ultimately, you have to do what's right for your child." It's not a bad phrase. And obviously, we all do have to do what's right for our child, our family, our tribe. But what's the relationship between that and our responsibility to our community? Other families? Other children. More on that...stay tuned...and hope that this cranky passes in the night.

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