Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home for the Holidays

Home from Maryland, about to take a long bath, which I've been missing - my hotel room in Maryland had no bathtub. Probably a good thing, as I would've spent as much time in the tub as I did flipping through late night t.v. and eating the John Tesh Amway snack packs they left for me in a gift bag. So happy to be home and also already missing the anonymity and zero responsibility of a hotel room. I've returned home to my daughter reminding me that I have to help her make a felt pillow in the shape of an elephant with a beard for one of the kids in her class - her secret santa - apparently he really likes elephants and beards. I am not crafty. Nana is crafty. But my daughter specifically wants me to help her with this sewing project, NOT nana. I feel it's like a challenge to my craft-challenged ways. I will try.

Just downloaded the video of the holiday concert I missed this morning, taken by another mom in the class, and she somehow managed to exclude my daughter from pretty much every second of the song. In my fragile post-travel state, it just rubs in the fact that I missed it. Basically, I'm a finalist in the pissy wet blanket contest tonight instead of the positivity contest. Give me a hot bath with lavender suds and a good night's sleep and tomorrow I'll write the story I want to share.

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